Long Long

Long Long
• Features a high COR for maximum ball speed and a 77 compression to reduce drive spin, resulting in extreme distance
• High velocity core for maximum ball speed
• Low driver-spin and longer impact time increases distance and minimizes unnecessary side-spin
• DualSpin core produces less driver spin off the tee and more greenside spin with wedges
• Soft DualSpin core cover and 372 dimple pattern delivers increased flight time and reduces drag for more distance off the tee
• Soft core produces a pleasant soft feel and more accurate shot control and putting feel
  • Club Head Speed:70 - 90 MPH
  • Driver Distance:Longest
  • 9-Iron Spin:Lowest
  • Short Approach Spin:Mid-high
  • Feel:softer
  • Accuracy:Highest
  • Trajectory:Mid-high